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Roof Repair and When to Call Apex Construction LLC

Keeping your roof well-maintained is so important. If you find your roof is damaged and left unrepaired, you can be facing a whole bunch of problems down the road and a lot of these problems can be costly. If you think it may be time for a FREE roof inspection, here are a few signs to look for and surprisingly some signs you may not see so easily. Apex Construction LLC serves areas including Silver Spring, North Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Columbia, Maryland.

Sunlight peeking through small holes in the roof may be missed if it’s contained to the attic only. A lot of homeowners don’t visit their attics very often. The black streaks you’re seeing may be passed off as stains from leaves or just age, but in fact it’s probably algae growth that’s using your roof as it’s primary choice of food. Early leaks can take weeks or months before being seen inside your home. In the meantime, you could be allowing mold to grow or water to damage your roof sheathing. Hail damage is hard to spot as well, and many times it requires a roofer to do an inspection after a hail storm. It’s wise to check after a recent storm because your insurance may cover the costs.

damaged asphalt roof

Signs to Look For

  • Sagging roof
  • Storm damage
  • Higher than normal power bills
  • Water spots on ceilings or walls
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • House seems more drafty
  • Black streaks
  • Gutters full of granules
  • Visible loose nails
  • Rusted flashing around chimneys

Signs That are Not so Obvious

  • Hail damage
  • Early leaks
  • Age of roof
  • Cracked seals
  • Wood rot and decay
  • Water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Small holes

Storm Damage

Severe thunderstorms that bring prolonged heavy rains, high winds, hail, heavy snow and ice can be disastrous on your roof. And the unfortunate hurricane that comes our way dousing us with rain is difficult to bear, especially if your roof is vulnerable. We are here to help our neighbors, and that’s you. Please, always put your safety first and that means watch for downed trees and power lines. If you see this, leave your home and call 911 and they will dispatch the appropriate parties to make sure your home isn’t a hazard. Most storm damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance. We can help. Of the roofing repair companies out there, you won’t find a more honest group to work with! Call us at 301-655-5234.

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